In the world of watchmaking, nobody does it better than the Swiss. Their expertise has been honed through hundreds of years of practice and innovations. The technological breakthrough that have come out of the country elevated this craft and resulted in some pieces that continue to fascinate today. The tradition is alive and well thanks to popular brands that retain their hold on the public’s imagination. TAG Heuer is one such name. This iconic Swiss company is famous around the world for producing exquisite wristwatches and accessories. Its logo is one of the most easily recognizable in the marketing realm.

Watch Models

TAG Heuer offers a diverse lineup of products including the Grand Carrera, Formula One, Carrera, Link, Monacco, Connected, and Aquaracer. The brand’s connection to sports is apparent from these names alone. Those who would like top performance that goes with stylish looks can count on TAG to deliver. The company has further established its reputation by being the official timekeeper of several early Olympics games. It is also very close to some F1 racing teams and skiing events. The brand boasts of developing the world’s fastest chronograph, along with other innovative products that feature different types of movements.

Branded Accessories

The company has been able to capitalize on the brand’s popularity. It is not only churning out watches but also lifestyle products such as clothing and accessories. Fans get their shirts, jackets, bags, belts, wallets, and other items to complete their look. These are mostly designed for men, including their line of branded eyewear. A French manufacturer was tapped to design and produce the frames that bear TAG’s iconic logo. There have even been collaborations with mobile phone companies in the past. This is all due to the brand’s elevation from luxury watchmaker into a true fashion trendsetter.


Just like its competitors, TAG Heuer has a veritable army of endorsers that help buoy its name in the public’s consciousness. They include such notable personalities as Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Kimi Raikkonen, and Jeremy Lin. Having these athletes on their side certainly adds to the allure of their products. Also in their lineup are celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Chris Hemsworth,Priyanka Chopra, and Uma Thurman. The company maintains close ties with the racing world through its sponsorship of the Red Bull F1 team, with the logo being prominently displayed near the engine of the racing cars.


Many of the iconic Swiss watch brands had their start in the mid-1800s thanks to the boom in the craft at the time. Tag Heuer is no exception. It was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in Saint Imier, though now the headquarters has moved to La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland. His patented oscillating pinion continues to be used to this day in the creation of mechanical chronographs. In the early 1900s, he came out with watches that featured dashboard chronographs that became popular among drivers and pilots as they could measure the length of trips while keeping track of time.

These designs were improved in the ’30s with the time between winds being extended to more than a week. Full calendar function was also added in the mid-40s, allowing users to stay aware of the day, month, and year. In the 1950s, they came out with watches that had special dials showing the rise and fall of the tides, as well as the moon phases. The ’60s saw one of their watches reaching space thanks to the astronaut John Glenn. They introduced their first digital chronographs in the 1970s and produced automatic models to compete with the rising Japanese watchmakers.