The Innovation of Rolex Watches

Rolex Watches have been around for years. The first time the concept of a Rolex watch was given by German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf. In early 1905, Hans Wilsdorf decided to bring stylish, durable, and luxury watches which symbolized prestige and durability. Since 1905, Rolex is has become the most established and respected brand, with millions of people endorsing the watch. Rolex did not only succeed to create its own brand identity but also became a trendsetter and pioneer in innovation and originality. Many features which are present in most watches now were first engineered by Rolex, such as the first ever waterproof wristwatch in 1926, or the first time introducing changing date in the dial in 1945. Rolex has always been a symbol of uniqueness and has shown in over a century that there are none better than Rolex.

A Style to Suit All

Unlike most watchmakers, Hans was a visionary man. He did not see watches as a usual mechanism. He knew back then that watches would play a broader role in modern life. He saw the potential and came in with the concepts of watches that are fashionable, innovative yet durable, and robust. Rolex watches is a brand for everyone and for all occasions. From business executives to people who are into adventure sports, and from scuba divers to those who are climbing mountains a Rolex watch is for everyone. Rolex was worn by the members of Hillary expedition when they conquered the peaks of Everest in 1953. The wristwatch was on Sir Malcolm at the historic moment when he broke the sound barricade in 1935.

Nowadays Rolex has a design and style for almost everyone. They design their watches exclusively to cater to the professional needs and style of their customers. Watches like Submariner, for the divers, or the beautifully crafted Explorer for the adventurers is just a few examples of what the company has to offer.

A Sign of Prestige and Luxury

Rolex is a symbol of luxury. They have worked to produce unique and beautiful watches to complement their buying preferences. The watches today have become a collector treasure with the highest residual resales ever recorded. Some of the watches were worn by personalities such as Churchill to Pablo Picasso. Today, it can be seen on Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez to sports superstars like David Beckham and Roger Federer. Everyone has their own taste for Rolex Watches, and the company has exclusive designs and patterns to meet all demands. With such powerful endorsement from business tycoons to celebrities, it is not difficult to see why Rolex is the pioneer brand in the industry today.

Is it worth the Cost?

A Rolex watch does not come cheap. It is an investment that complements your style and personality. They have exclusive designs to meet the requirements of gents and ladies. From exclusive designs having gold and diamonds embedded to more robust designs, it has options for all tastes and luxuries. The average price falls anywhere between $3000 to $7000. However, this is just an average estimate as the price has no tabs on it. The vintage collection itself has gone for unbelievable prices. A vintage Rolex which was owned by Paul Newman was sold for $17.75 million.

While spending millions on a Rolex watch is not possible for everyone, their mid-range watches are definitely worth the price. They may seem pricey but they will last a lifetime and it is also a form of investment as it is proven with results that with time the price of a Rolex watch only increases.