A watch is not only a time telling device but it can also be used to make a statement; fashion, status or otherwise. Patek Philippe & Co. watches are exquisite and timeless watch artistes who have been in existence since 1839. Over time, they have established themselves as the leading watch making company globally. But what makes their products and services unique and why should you be interested in their products?

High quality pieces

To ensure high quality pieces, everything is manufactured and assembled in house by a team that is both artistic, skilled and experienced. The company only utilises high quality materials in production. Moreover, the extensive investment in research and development ensures that the company never runs out of brilliant ideas on how to improve their products and services. The quality of their watches is unmatched globally.


Accuracy and precision, functionality and reliability are attributes that can be used to describe watches created by Patek Philippe & Co. Watches. However, this requires continuous innovation and technological adoption to achieve. This is why the company has invested heavily in an innovative and progressive team that ensures that every batch is better than the last. Innovation is not just an activity but a culture at Patek Philippe & Co. Watches.

Skills and Experience

Having been in the watch making industry since 1839, the company has accumulated experience that is hard to come by. Their approach to watch making has always been in accordance with the Traditional Genevan watch-making artistry, an attribute that makes them unique. Perfecting this traditional watch making artistry has enabled them to become the producer of the finest watches sold all over the world. Besides this, their employees undergo apprenticeship training to ensure that the best aspects of the job are passed down generations and generations of workers.

Attention to detail

It’s the small things that can easily be overlooked but with Patek Philippe & Co. Watches, this never happens. All pieces are handmade ensuring that all aspects are carefully done to enhance the achievement of the greatest quality, something that machines may not be able to do. Every watch is a master piece created by a dedicated specialist. This also ensures that all watches produced do not have any blemish and work perfectly.

Own standard of excellence

Patek Philippe & Co. Watches has the strictest standards when it comes to the quality of watches; arguably the strictest in the Swiss Watch Industry. The Patek Philippe seal can only be applied to watches, clocks and other time pieces that have undergone intensive testing to ensure compliance to the standards. While ensuring the standards are met is a labour intensive and strenuous activity, the company does not mind investing in it in order to deliver the best for its clients.

Value for every cent

The craftsmanship, the hours put into making each piece, the precision, innovation and experience at Patek Philippe all culminate in rare watches, clocks and other time pieces that are valuable assets to their owners. These watches remain valuable and may even increase in value over the years. Their pieces have been auctioned for a lot of money in international auctions. These are traits that endear them to their clientele.


If your Patek Philippe watch happens to malfunction, you should take it back for repair. They understand the device and are the best people to deal with it. Repair shops will never match the quality of work done by Patek Philippe employees and they will not treat your watch with the care it deserves. Why spoil your valuable asset when you can always get the best repair services from its manufacturer?